ICECREAM TRAIL 1- Happyness is Baskin Robbins

I hope ice cream is a passion with you just like it is for me!


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I have been an ice cream addict for the longest time ever. My favorite ice cream bar was a juicy orange colored, tangy lolly bar from the yesteryear Kwality ice cream range.

A warm memory I have, is that of this dark maroon, say a lovely burgundy colored, absolutely delicious candy like ice cream bar, called the Cocktail stick.My school days got much excitement during every short break when I bought this bar and slurped it slyly in a well-found corner.

The first of my ice cream trails, begin as I trudge into the BASKIN ROBBINS parlour, one of the premium ice cream chains in India and internationally.

Baskin robbins ice cream parlour
BRLogo2012 Round-01
Iconic logo……the stamp of Baskin Robbins authenticity

These bright pink and deep blue highlighted, outlets aptly spread their motto HAPPYNESS IS HERE, through their abundant selection of ice creams.

Gupta Bro 60 x 24in-01Lykke 55-5 x 24in-01

BASKIN ROBBINS is the world’s largest speciality ice cream chain. They operate on the unified identity of 31 flavors, one for each day of the month.This international ice cream brand was founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in the United States Of America, to create ice cream of the highest standards with unique taste and flavours.

Though chocolate is my all time favorite flavour when it comes to ice creams……I decided to explore the new FRUITY flavours at Baskin Robbins.

Lime and Lemon cooler, Berry breeze and Hawaiin fruit shower

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-01LIME N LEMON COOLER..…turned out to my most adored flavour. This tangy, refreshing sorbet is a real treat in this summer heat. Twanged with bright colours of yellow and green, it has bits of orange zests that add an extra ounce to its overall appeal.

Lime n lemon cooler

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-03

BERRY BREEZE is a blushing pink ice cream with the triple taste of black currant, blueberry and strawberry. An intense fruity thrill can be experienced with a bite of this ice cream flavour.

Ice cream ready to be scooped

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-2

HAWAIIN FRUIT SHOWER is a blend of colourful Orange, Pistachio and Banana ice creams with a swirl of orange sauce. Its description in just one word is SLURRP !



 The taste of fruit

BASKIN ROBBINS ice creams are pure vegetarian and their large range of flavours is supported by a backup of desirable sauces and toppings.


Fresh waffle cones made in house at the parlours


I sign off my Ice cream trail with a smile…….Baskin Robbins surely spread its HAPPYNESS into my world!

If you need a refreshingly cool experience in this hot Indian summer….do step into any of the 730 ice cream speciality parlours of BASKIN ROBBINS INDIA.


It’s  going to be a fruit filled, colour bursting ice cream joy ride……believe you me.



Mumbai Bakery Trail #3 

This is not a visit to  a bakery in the true sense.It is a soujurn to savour waffles and donuts in the city. These sugared dough bites are prominent as an extension of sweets and desserts in any bakery menu.

Waffles and Donuts ….. crusty sweet desserts.

Mumbai Bakery Trail #3 


I trudged into the shivaji park MOD outlet on women’s day….and lo behold they had special offer for all the lovely women gracing their outlet on this day.

A discount on any purchase made that day by a woman, was equivalent to  her age 🙂
I guess for once we women didn’t have a problem disclosing our real age !

Box of mini 18 donuts

Besides the donuts MOD has a range of waffles and cupcakes to offer.
I ordered a salted caramel waffle along with my lemon iced tea.

Salted caramel waffle….delicious

The waffle came, freshly prepared….with oodles of caramel sauce, spiked lightly with salt flecks.It was crusty and dense, topped with caramel whipped cream and bits of crunchy butterscotch.

For my Home test I carried back their  donuts.

Double trouble, dark night and brownie crumble.

MOD bestseller Brownie crumble
Chocolate oozing Double trouble

The in home team of tasters debated between the Brownie crumble and Double trouble…..but eventually agreed that both were winners.

Cupcake selection on display
YES BANK offers a discount to all it’s customers

Inside MOD

While  running errands in the bylanes of Matunga….I reached this little waffle shop.

The menu at the forefront of Matunga outlet
Vibrant funky interiors

I ordered their Passion Fruit ice tea and Belgian dark chocolate waffle.

The tea was chilled and well flavoured, made out of the usual premix.

Cold passion fruit ice tea

A bite of the waffle, just out of the toaster, and I was transported to sweet ambrosia land.

Crisp Belgian dark

The waffle was crisp with a light soft interior.A generous filling of Belgian chocolate ganache and a douse of icing sugar, made this waffle a memorable treat.

My second tasting was the salted caramel waffle with banana.

Salted caramel waffle with banana

The caramel was rich and dark, but lacked the flavour of salt.The slices of bananas inside the waffle went well with the caramel.

The shop attendant Sneha guided me through the waffle range and said Nutella waffle was clearly the leader amongst the waffles.

Unlike MOD they do not  offer any savoury waffle here.The range of waffles, icecream wiches at  Belgian waffle, are purely sweet.

Sweet good bye to you

Hope to be back with the Mumbai Bakery Trail.#4, soon.