CHRISTMAS BAUBLES-Edible clay,the difference between Fondant,Gumpaste and Modelling chocolate

FONDANT,GUM PASTE,MODELING CHOCOLATE-I call these the “EDIBLE CLAY’S” in my world of sugar crafting. Cake artists use a favored combination of these sugar dough’s in their cake designs.

But how do you distinguish between these edible clay’s ?

What do you craft with them?

Christmas Baubles-About Edible Clay
Christmas Baubles-About Edible Clay

Gung-ho about the Christmas spirit, I crafted these mini  Christmas tree bauble cakes.They were covered with dark modeling chocolate and red fondant.The ornament danglers and reindeer’s horns were shaped out of gum paste.The reindeer and other small embellishments were hand crafted out of fondant.A cake board was covered with blue fondant and toned with a blend of gold,blue and black edible paint.You can see the effective use of all the three edible clays in the bauble designs.

FONDANT  or Sugar paste is a soft edible sugar dough,primarily used to cover cakes and cake boards.It cuts through easily. .Homemade fondant is quick to make.Marshmallow fondant and chocolate fondant are tastier options available in this medium.

I see fondant cakes as a canvas on which I can display my cake decorating techniques.Fondant base on a cake gives it a smooth,clean and porcelain like look.

Fondant does not set rock hard.On stretching it pulls apart and tears easily.

Most flat surfaced cake decorating techniques are used  or with fondant.


Fondant used on cakes
Fondant used on cakes

I use fondant for the following:

Covering of cakes and board

Textures and imprint designs

Hand painting and air brushing

Brush embroidery

Applique work

Cupcake topper’s

Cut out flowers

Drapes and swags

Gum paste is also called florists paste or flower paste.This is a tighter edible dough.It rolls out very thin and dries out fast.Its used chiefly used to make life-like edible  flowers or rock hard,sturdy embellishments in cake decorating.

Mostly Gum paste is made with egg whites and sugar.The dough is tightened by the addition of Tylose/CMC or Gum tragacanth. Quick Gum paste, which is made by adding Tylose to premade Fondant, is a popular vegetarian version of Gum paste.Sign of a well made Gum paste, after softening with the warmth of your palms,it should be stretchy.

Gum paste designs on cakes
Gum paste designs on cakes

I like to use Gum paste for the following:

Realistic flowers and leaves

Human figure modeling

Shoes,heels and hand bag attachments

Edible photo frames

Bows and loops

3 D elements on cakes

MODELING CHOCOLATE is the most delicious medium of the three,because,well,its made of chocolate.Made by a blend of melted chocolate and an invert sugar syrup like corn or golden syrup.Since chocolate is used to make it, this is also the most expensive edible clay.It works well in colder climates and stays and holds shape till long.Colored modeling chocolate made from white chocolate is used in pastry art too.

It has to be worked upon and handled in a colder room environment.

I use Modeling chocolate for the following:

Simpler Figures and animals

Geometric shapes and stripes

Chocolate wrap on a cake

Edible fruit topper

Shells and molded designs

Mix and match,use these as shaping clay !

Completely enjoy molding and crafting  by using the right edible medium.


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  1. Oops – I didn’t realize the difference between fondant and gum paste (which led to a very sad, droopy looking bow on top of a present cake), thanks for the helpful information!

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