Hello ! here is my cake design 2, conceptualised for the daring kitchen challengeJanuary 2016.

This cake design makes use of Gum paste and explains a cake decorating technique using it.


The above cake is quite special to me as it uses a simple technique which I created while fiddling with gum paste strips. I call this the “FLIP FIX”technique.A strip, each of black and white Gum paste are attached one atop the other to create a two sided effect. White fondant cake was the canvas for this technique. The two sided strips were fixed to the side of the cake and their edges were rolled in. A paneling of alternating color strips was done.

You could attach the two sided Gum paste strips by twisting, curling or folding them. The idea is to show the two toned sides of the Gum paste strips effectively in your cake design.

I enhanced the cake with a grey Gum paste fantasy flower and filled the blankness on the top with thin strips of black Gum paste. Finally this cake was set atop a small silver cake dummy to give it a striking visual appeal.





Roll Gum paste out thinly on a silicone or plastic mat. Using flower cutters cut two flowers, one small and the other big.

PhotoGrid_1449582717699On a foam pad thin out and ruffle the edges of the flower, by pressing gently with a balling tool.

PhotoGrid_1449582821740Next, place the flower on the work mat and vein each petal with a veining tool. Tuck the flower in a flower former or a foil cup and leave to dry in a cool place for a day.

PhotoGrid_1449582879112Ruffle and vein the smaller flower. Leave it to dry in a former. With black Gum paste make the flower centre. I used a silicone button mold, but you can craft a centre by flattening a pea sized ball of Gum paste and indenting little dots on it with a toothpick.

PhotoGrid_1449582954624After the flowers dry out, they will hold shape. Place the smaller flower inside the larger flower, attaching it with a touch of edible glue. Fix the centre button inside the small flower .


 I highlighted the flower centre and petal edges with silver luster dust paint.


Finale ! easy Gum paste flower tops the two toned cake



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