MINI TUTORIAL-Sponging color on cake


Sponging color techniques on fondant



Today I am sharing a simple sponge color technique with you.

What’s exciting about coloring fondant with a sponge is the varied effects you can create just by playing with the intensity of your paint.

I used edible gel color diluted with some alcohol/clear extract to make a liquid paint.

Yoo hoo !! I salvaged a sponge tool from my art kit and used it to create this drip effect on the fondant cake canvas.


Three ways to color a cake with a sponge:

1.Dip your sponge in liberal edible liquid color and dab all across your cake, from top to the sides.Let the paint drip off slowly, leave to dry overnight.You will get a plain color sheeted on your fondant cake the next day.Once dry, it will look like you have airbrushed your cake.

2.Dip your sponge into edible color and squeeze out just once gently on a tissue paper.Use this to dab all over the top of your cake.Keep taking more color as you go along.Dab the sponge on the upper part of  the sides of your cake too.This will give a nice dripped/striped effect all over the cake.Stop when  you get the desired effect and let your cake dry under a fan, this lets the painted impression seal onto the fondant cake.

3.Dip your sponge in the edible paint and squeeze out the excess color by pressing repeatedly on a tissue paper.The color on the sponge will be fairly dry.Dab the sponge lightly at scant intervals on the fondant cake.You will get pretty round or shaped sponge marks all over the cake.You can make these impressions in a whole array of colors to give your cake canvas a trendy rainbow look!

Different effects are created with edible paint by varying its color strength in your sponge.


Go ahead……play with edible color!

It’s thrilling fun !!










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