CAKE DESIGN 3- the Daring kitchen


Finale ! Here’s the last design I created for the daring kitchen challenge.

This makes use of modeling chocolate and shows a simple technique,using it.

A lovable modeling chocolate teddy was fixed with a pastel pink balloon,on a ganache cake.

Just loved creating and shaping it !


I like to use modeling chocolate on chocolate fondant or ganache cakes,because of its chocolatey taste.This is a  cute mini cake made for the 6 month birthday of a baby girl.The grizzly teddy crafted out of modeling chocolate is completely edible.I used dusty pink modeling chocolate to make a band and  cutout flowers.The cake board was imprinted by a pebble texture sheet.To add a little thrill to my cake design,I made a floating balloon out of pink modeling chocolate and fixed it behind the teddy.I hope you like this cake as much as the excited baby did !





Roll out the modeling chocolate on a plastic or silicone mat..Make sure you are working in a cold environment or in air conditioning.Modeling chocolate can melt easily in a warm climate.

Using  a flower cutter and cut few shapes.Make an indent in the center of the flower with a balling tool or your finger.


Place a small ball of modeling chocolate in contrasting color in the center of the flowerUsing a craft knife or toothpick mark out little veins or stripes on the flowers.Leave the finished flowers to dry and set a bit.

These flowers are delicious to eat and pretty to look at too.They sit very  well on cupcakes and cake pops.

Do try them out !

Warm,warm….. goodbye from me…….till I write in again !


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