Mumbai Bakery Trail #1

  • I am an avid foodie, baker, pastry chef, culinary consultant, blogger, photographer and more….! !

My search for inspirational food, especially the sweet kind, is always on , believe you me, 24/7…….More often than not, I opt to go incognito, alone or with friends,tasting the best offerings of various patisseries, cafes and boulangeries in Mumbai…..and say around the world,too.

After the phenomenal response to  my post on Bakeries in Margao…….I started this project to review  the best of bakeries and dessert cafes in Mumbai.

 I decided to keep, the now famous Red Velvet Cake, as a base point of this Bakery trail.

Almost every bakery worth its “sugar” makes this moist red cake, slathered with creamy cheese frosting ?

How good is your Red velvet cake… is it different in taste or appearance ?

Who is making the best in the city ?

Let me know about your Red velvet cake.

Mumbai BakeryTrail #1

Le 15 cafe

Situated in the corner of the Gordon House Hotel building, in a bylane of colaba causeway is this beautiful cafe, presented by Pooja Dhingra and Pablo.

The love for their craft shows in the simple, yet delicate taste of the confections at the Le 15 cafe.

Stepping in…..bright vibes with smiling faces
 Sunlight lit cafe with European style Decor
Sitting pretty…..I spot the RED VELVET Cake Rs 1800/kg

I am a green tea addict…..add to this herbal teas and fruit tea infusions…..I can sip these endlessly, through out any hectic day.So I start by ordering a flavoured green tea accompanied by a signature macaron.

Sea salt macaron and Apple cinnamon green tea

The sea salt macaron was perfect with a mild hint of salt…..soft chewy, melting inside with crisp sugar encasing.

A bite of the lemon chilli macaron

The delicious macaron lures me to try another.Lemon chilli suggested to me is a dainty, colourful macaron….unique in taste…..But did it have a hint of coconut ??

Give me a well made vegetarian sandwich anyday !

I like the spongy tiger bread used to make the Veggie  Sandwich, the clever use of marinated eggplant gives this sandwich a great dense bite.Though I couldn’t find much of the sour cream,  that was promised, inside.Accompanied by an in-house salad, dotted with roasted almond bits…..this sandwich completely satisfies the hunger pangs within me.

Chefs green salad with the sandwich
Macarons on display….. are a speciality here
 Popular desserts on the menu…that need to be tried on my bakery trail
The Home Test……..desserts that I carry back home

My Home Test……usually checks the portability of the desserts or cakes.

How well do they stay… do they taste and hold shape,after transportation.

Thumbs up to the Nutella brownie and the little flourless chocolate cupcake.

I sense and taste the use of good quality ingredients….and view cleanly finished pastry at this cafe.

Le 15 cafe was a pleasant experience….clearly reflecting the passion and commitment to taste by it’s management.

My personal thanks to Dakshita, the waiting staff…..her prompt service and interaction made my visit even more memorable

Le 15 cafe at colaba, Mumbai offers macarons,cupcakes,plated desserts,light meals accompanied by a select range of hot and cold beverages.

Goodbye till my next sweet review.

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