Mumbai Bakery Trail #2 

To be inspired is Great

But to inspire is an honor




As I head to The Oberoi,I go past the drive, seeing the shimmering ocean……I feel the winter breeze kissing my cheeks and saying its final good bye.

The Oberoi at Marine drive…..has one of my all time favourite bakery and pastry shops in this city.

In the past I haunted this patisserie and delicatessen…I often, visited it for a cup of coffee to chat with friends, to have a bite of their sandwiches when I worked in the vicinity or just to taste their signature desserts and confections.I could say, I  patronised it in its various avatars.

Tastings for my Mumbai Bakery Trail #2 started here today.

As I enter……I see a beautiful display of perfectly crafted pastries and chocolates.

RED VELVET BUG : The Oberoi is presenting sugarfree Red velvet verrines…..these are desserts layered in cups Rs350+

Redvelvet desserts on display…… The Chocolate truffle, Pineapple and Blackforest pastries are eggfree

In house chocolate spread

The lovely Junior Sous chef Prerna Acharya steps by and talks about her love for pastry (a common passion for both of us)….and describes all their signature creations, to me 🙂
Upon her request, I taste the Maracaibu chocolate tart……Two large chocolate macarons sandwich a Chocolate mousse and raspberry layer, that is coated with a ganache glaze.

Delicious…..macaron dessert
Crisp chewy chocolate macaron centred with tart raspberry filling and a Belgian chocolate mousse

Chef Prerna says,the most popular cake at The Oberoi patisserie is Chocolate Feuillant, Rs2000 +

Chocolate Feuillant pastry Rs350+

One look at this and you are floored by the perfectly made pure chocolate fans.

Top view of Chocolate feuillant
Thin handmade chocolate fans

The beautifully crafted chocolate fans, completely cover this cake, which is layered with chocolate mousse,chocolate chip meringue and a dark chocolate glaze.

Its taste can be described in just one word…..MAGIC !

The Oberoi’s gourmet hampers on display
Sandwicherie and cafe in the lobby

Their mini  Hazelnut Praline cake looks appealing and I discover,it has a Chocolate mousse with a centre of passion fruit cremeaux, nested on a base of vanilla sable.

Swathered with hazelnuts 

But the hazelnuts coated liberally on the mirror glaze loose their crunchiness.
I would definitely skip the sourish passion fruit filling centre (chef says some of her guests request for this tart filling) and add a crispy hazelnut crousillant instead.

For me the best example of a hazelnut treat is the addictive Feraro Rocher a signature Italian confection, popularised by  Ferrero SpA.Roughly 3.6 billion of Ferrero Rochers are sold each year in over 40 countries.

The very giving combination of hazelnuts, milk chocolate, crispy wafer and hazelnut Gianduja always works for me !

Savoury selection at the patisserie

My eyes spot the Papparoti……described as a subtle sweet bread with a blob of salted butter,that is topped with a unique mildly scented coffee crumble.

Chef Prerna suggests I warm this for a few seconds in a microwave and then teeth it.

I pick the Papparoti and the Key lime strawberry tart,for my Home Test.

Key lime and strawberry tart nestled in a takeaway box
Reaches home absolutely intact
Dissected view….shows layers of shortcrust, strawberry filling, Key lime curd and blow torched French meringue

This was my favourite of the complete tasting selection.Absolutely crisp and buttery shortcrust,better than Mahableshwar strawberries sweet compote layer, a tangy yellow,lemon curd…. all this topped with a melting soft,lightly browned meringue.Add a few drops of vanilla to the meringue and this tart would be perfect.Rs 350+

The soft and unique papparoti bread

Lightly warmed,I cut through the Papparoti Rs150+

It oozes melted butter
Amazingly melt in mouth soft buttery bread experience

Tastes  and presentations that are on par  with the best in the world.

Thank you chef Prerna for the lovely informal chat and inspirational viewing  of pastries, many of which can be honored !

The Oberoi,Mumbai, Patisserie and Delicatessen at 216, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose road, Churchgate, Mumbai 400021

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