ICECREAM TRAIL 1- Happyness is Baskin Robbins

I hope ice cream is a passion with you just like it is for me!


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I have been an ice cream addict for the longest time ever. My favorite ice cream bar was a juicy orange colored, tangy lolly bar from the yesteryear Kwality ice cream range.

A warm memory I have, is that of this dark maroon, say a lovely burgundy colored, absolutely delicious candy like ice cream bar, called the Cocktail stick.My school days got much excitement during every short break when I bought this bar and slurped it slyly in a well-found corner.

The first of my ice cream trails, begin as I trudge into the BASKIN ROBBINS parlour, one of the premium ice cream chains in India and internationally.

Baskin robbins ice cream parlour
BRLogo2012 Round-01
Iconic logo……the stamp of Baskin Robbins authenticity

These bright pink and deep blue highlighted, outlets aptly spread their motto HAPPYNESS IS HERE, through their abundant selection of ice creams.

Gupta Bro 60 x 24in-01Lykke 55-5 x 24in-01

BASKIN ROBBINS is the world’s largest speciality ice cream chain. They operate on the unified identity of 31 flavors, one for each day of the month.This international ice cream brand was founded by Burt Baskin and Irv Robbins in the United States Of America, to create ice cream of the highest standards with unique taste and flavours.

Though chocolate is my all time favorite flavour when it comes to ice creams……I decided to explore the new FRUITY flavours at Baskin Robbins.

Lime and Lemon cooler, Berry breeze and Hawaiin fruit shower

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-01LIME N LEMON COOLER..…turned out to my most adored flavour. This tangy, refreshing sorbet is a real treat in this summer heat. Twanged with bright colours of yellow and green, it has bits of orange zests that add an extra ounce to its overall appeal.

Lime n lemon cooler

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-03

BERRY BREEZE is a blushing pink ice cream with the triple taste of black currant, blueberry and strawberry. An intense fruity thrill can be experienced with a bite of this ice cream flavour.

Ice cream ready to be scooped

Flavor Tags - April 17 FOM - Summer Crush NEW-2

HAWAIIN FRUIT SHOWER is a blend of colourful Orange, Pistachio and Banana ice creams with a swirl of orange sauce. Its description in just one word is SLURRP !



 The taste of fruit

BASKIN ROBBINS ice creams are pure vegetarian and their large range of flavours is supported by a backup of desirable sauces and toppings.


Fresh waffle cones made in house at the parlours


I sign off my Ice cream trail with a smile…….Baskin Robbins surely spread its HAPPYNESS into my world!

If you need a refreshingly cool experience in this hot Indian summer….do step into any of the 730 ice cream speciality parlours of BASKIN ROBBINS INDIA.


It’s  going to be a fruit filled, colour bursting ice cream joy ride……believe you me.



CHRISTMAS CHEER…Bakeries in the bylanes of Margao

Margao is the buzzingly quaint, commercial and cultural capital of the Indian state of Goa.

A jumpy bus ride, cozied with some swinging Hindi music got me to this little city.

Scouting for bakeries, I took a lazy walk down Margao’s streets.

Smiling helpful faces, all fluent in English, guided me around.

My first stop was DOM PEDRO’S…….a family run fast food joint and bakery headed by none other than Mr. Dom Pedro.

Cheerful Mr.Pedro sat at the cash counter surrounded by his pretty apron laden staff.

Goan style samosas, chicken puffs, dainty sandwiches and umpteen snacks were burgeoning at the counter.

The Goan samosa very different from the Punjabi samosa has a softer crust and slightly roasted, flavourful potato filling.2016-12-06-10-03-02-copy

Mr.Dom Pedro at his bakery

The Christmas cheer is apparent as I walk the bylanes……shops laden with Christmas trees, baubles, decorations and more.

lady sellers peddling their wares.Outside shop no 17 the old bai had a collection of unusual herbs.She suggested each one of them to be steeped and used to make a brew for different ailments like cholesterol, diabetes, constipation and wheezing.

After a researching through local fruits and berries…..I got to taste the melting Son papdi,an Indian version of the candy floss.


Royal foods was my next stop…a bustling well lit large bakery. With a vast selection of cakes and pastries.


Truly enchanted by the wooden cribs and models at Sarjos wooden cribs.These intricate hand carved wood and ceramic creations were really enigmatic.


Jackris, just across, is another popular bakery. Modern,comfortable interiors…….with a great spread of snacks, cakes, pastries and breads.

I spied upon some interesting local treats here.Sweet ball Rs 35 a confection made from sugar, semolina and flour.

Sweet ball….unusual cakelike biscuit

Peard a guava cheeses like confection is availible for Rs60/200gms

Peard a guava pulp confection

Pinag Rs 60 made out of coconut and black jaggery and Dose a sweet confection,again made from coconut,tuar dal (Indian name for pigeon pea) and jaggery.

Dose and Pinag traditional Goan sweets

Jackris also has a large range of freshly baked gateaux and cakes,ranging from Rs 600-800 per kg.The pleasant lady manager explained thier various flavours and treats with enthusiasm and patience.Thank you so very much !

Another speciality bakery cum cake shop that caught my eye was Pastry Palace. This is a chain of cake franchises, with nearly 40 shops in Goa.

Bright colourful cakes in their showcase at Margao outlet

Signature bebinca and dodol
Moist carrot cake is a speciality here
Shriya Phadte of pastry palace says Our carrot cakes , plum cakes butter cakes & banana cakes are very popular.

As I walked out of pastry palace……I went past the Margao Muncipal council which hosts the munciapl library to reach the EVER favourite landmark….Lounginos restaraunt and confectionary.Tall ceilings,warm brown stone flooring…relaxed interiors.I made myself comfertable with a puff and cold milky coffee,soaking in the laid back atmosphere.


Longuinho’s since 1950 is a great place for friends and family to catch up…..extremely popular with tourists too.Haunted and patronised for its authentic home cooked Goan fare.Its much tried desserts are the tender coconut souffle and layered Bebinca.

My journey of browsing and enjoying baked treats in Margao ended with memories of delightful confections and its people…..

Adieu till my next food and travel experience !