Entremets……Teaching my passion

Just organised another signature workshop of mine, for a group of lovely ladies.

This time we had the pleasure of  a gentleman joining us.He sat silently, all through the banter,noise and questions being sought by the women, making his mental notes.

Entremets are the trending inspirational mousse based dessert……I like to describe them as French  patisserie at its best !

Mastering the skills to make these, would quantify you to a higher level, as a baker or pastry chef.

This class was modelled such,to share as much information possible via a demonstration….explaining the techniques and finer nuances of Entremet making.

The teachings, covered a signature Limonberry Entremet and an Orange Chocolate heart Entremet.

Besides a complete presentation on “all you need to know about Entremets”……the workshop showcased it’s various components and decorating styles.

Making the various components….step by step
Mirror glaze on a cloud Entremet

Red velvet sprayed LIMONBERRY
100% vegetarian chocolate and rose entremet
Women who learn !

The venue of the class was Matunga, Mumbai.

We had fun ….we learned together, exchanged ideas and of course enjoyed the delicious desserts.

Women don’t just do lunch, anymore…..they learn their passion together and share their dreams too !!

If you would like me to conduct a signature worshop of mine, especially for  a group of you, or be a part of any of my future courses,do inbox  me, Shilpa Seth Bhambri at cakeline@gmail.com.

Spread cheer share love

Orange chocolate pillow

Have a happy Valentine’s day !

SHARING IT BACK……Dessert workshop at DON BOSCO hospitality mumbai

The pure joy of sharing your crafts and skills with the young, eager to learn students is immeasurable.

Conducted a lecture and tutorial on ENTREMETS……French patisserie at its best.

Nearly 25 of the brightest hospitality students showed up.

A demonstration of Chocolat en rouge…..strawberry and chocolate Entremet,enthralled the students.

Fresh strawberry chocolate mousse with a ganache insert,strawberry compote,chocolate crunch and soft strawberry biscuit.

Finished with red cocoa butter spray and embellishments to garnish.

Chocolat en rouge
With the students
The entremet decorated by the students

Teach with love

Teach your passion

Create generations that are inspired to succeed.

Special thanks to Ms Annabelle Rodriguez dean of DonBosco Catering school, for giving such a splendid opportunity to share my skills.