Chocolate smoothie bowl

Here is another favourite : my vegan guilt-free yet indulgent chocolate smoothie recipe. Mix chocolate, coconut, almond, oats and loads of other healthy fill-ins  and you’ve got yourself a winner of a breakfast or dessert option! Serves 1 INGREDIENTS: 200ml almond or thick coconut milk, chilled 2 tbsp dark chocolate preferably unsweetened, melted 1 or…

Classic Ratatouille

As a nod to the eponymous 2007 Disney Pixar film, here’s my  recipe for Ratatouille, a stewed vegetable preparation traditionally from the Provence region of the South of France. Read more about the film here! Serves 2 Ingredients 1 tsp olive oil for greasing For the tomato sauce 1 tbsp olive oil 10 gm (4/5 cloves)…

Food films: Ratatouille

Food is something very close to my heart. And a film with a culinary-themed story always appeals to me. One of my favorite in this genre is the 2007 Disney Pixar production Ratatouille. It revolves around a very unlikely character – a pint-sized but ambitious sewer rat Rémy (named, very ingeniously, after a brand of…

Peach ambrosia parfait

Greek yogurt is one of my favourite ingredients to use, since it is so versatile and healthy. It is essentially yogurt with the whey skimmed off, making it thicker and creamier than regular yogurt, while retaining the taste of regular yogurt. Used in a wide variety of sweet and savoury preparations right from smoothies, dips,…

Peach oatmeal breakfast bowl

Monsoon is the season for stone fruits like peaches, plums and nectarines. This recipe shows you how to use fresh peaches combined with oatmeal for a nutritious yet flavorful take on the conventional oatmeal. The addition of coconut sugar and peaches grilled using coconut oil lends a wonderful tropical flavour to this one bowl meal….

Jaggery masala chai

The perfect monsoon staple is masala chai – strong and redolent with the aroma of spices. Try this recipe – it substitutes sugar with jaggery for a superbly earthy flavor that goes beautifully with the spice kick!

Rainy Day Eats 101

My unique spin on some classic monsoon food to satisfy all your sugary, salty and spicy cravings.