Shillpa Bhaambri calls herself an ideator and creator. She has trained and worked in the field of culinary arts,with a focus on baking and cake design for over 20 years.Her artistic interests and passion for baking led her to start her own Boutique bakery called The Cakeline.

At Cakeline shillpa has created many inhouse flavours and personalised designs for her dynamic and well heeled clients. Working as a professional baker and cake decorator has been part of her evergreen journey and growth.

Shillpa loves to share her craft as a tutor.She has been one of the early baking and pastry teachers at the good food academy,trained large groups,associations and even conducted one to one private classes.She has done extensive research on vegetarian baking.Her signature workshop “FOUNDATION OF EGGFREE BAKING”is well sought after and patronized by many.

She uses her years of expertise,when working on consultancy projects in recipe development and cake design,for various corporate houses.

She has mastered and studied the art of cake design and sugar crafting under many prestigious tutors from the world over.Learning  intricate techniques,hands on from them and sharpening her skills as a cake artist.

A lot of her skills and techniques are self taught and developed.She believes nothing teaches you more than your own hunger for your to craft and  the hands on experience that you create for yourself.

Shillpa lives and works in Mumbai,India.Here she focuses her creative energy in molding unbelievable cake and pastry design.

When she is not making thrilling cakes she is busy with her blog writing, sketching,painting and cooking culinary masterpieces.




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